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  • Powerful filtering of incoming, outgoing or internal email based on user-defined policy rules. Granular policy configuration – define your policy based on user needs, from global company level to individual user. Not just policy setting, but total email workflow management.
  • Recursive disassembly of attachments to enable filtering of compound attachments such as various compressed archives and Microsoft Office documents.
  • Anti-virus scanning of all content (including content of compound attachments) by using a number of top grade anti-virus scanners.
  • Possibility of using multiple AV engines of your choice, and that even simultaneously, providing heterogeneous protection.
  • Spam filtering by using a powerful ISP-grade antispam engine
  • Textual mail content analysis (including content of compound attachments) based on user-defined dictionaries.
  • Support for over 60 file formats defined in 11 groups (videos, documents, presentations etc.)


  • Globally configurable mail notifications for important events such as virus detection or potential spam infiltration, etc.
  • Generating of reports and statistics from the stored log messages based on the user’s needs.
  • Globally configurable logging of actions performed on processed mail.
  • Supports VMware deployment
  • Supports Hyper-V deployment
  • Full graphical design of policy rules by using three types of policy building elements – conditions, actions as well as compound policy blocks.
  • Simplification of policy rules design as well as support for reusability and modularity by using policy blocks in policy rules design.
  • Number of other matchers (apart from virus scanning, spam detection and textual analysis) such as:
      • matching the path the mail follows (sender and receiver as indicated in the mail delivery envelope)
      • matching the overall mail size,
      • matching the number of attachments,
      • matching the type and size of particular attachments (including content of compound attachments),
      • header matcher.
  • A wide range of possible actions to take based on the results of scanners, filters and matchers such as:
      • immediate delivery or denial of delivery,
      • mail notification and forwarding to specified recipients,
      • parking for deferred delivery,
      • queuing in a queue for examination,
      • replacing of attachments,
      • header modification and filtering,
      • converting HTML to text, stripping of HTML tags,
      • adding of disclaimers.