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CPatrol support – quick answers to easy questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is CPatrol for and what are its benefits?

CPatrol – is the solution for central management and email communication filtering. Its aim is the complex protection of one of the most vulnerable communication channels of the modern company - electronic communication. CPatrol protects your network against emailborne viruses, spam and helps stop sensitive content from leaking through email - everything to the extent of the policy you define. It is a cost-effective network solution aimed at companies, which need to automate the control of the email communication of its employees. Note that CPatrol is should not be considered as a substitute for individual antivirus protection installed on end users’ computers.

What do I get by deploying CPatrol?

By deploying CPatrol, your bring order to the company email communication. As a result, you greatly reduce the risks connected to the leak of sensitive data via email communication and infiltration of the company network by email-borne viruses and other malware. You also get a statistic overview of the company email network. The System administrator saves dozens of hours needed for manual administration of malicious, corrupt or dangerous emails. The financing department saves resources – either directly, thanks to one of the best prices on the IT market, or indirectly, thanks to protection against lost profits due to virus infiltration, network collapse, or sensitive data leaks.


What does FULL FREE licence include?

Due to the limited budgets of micro companies, we have decided to offer a fully functional FULL version for small companies of up to 10 users COMPLETELY FREE. This version is not limited in any timely manner, nor does it include functional limitations, and also includes the open-source ClamAV antivirus. It is possible to buy world-class commercial antivirus options and by purchasing one, you automatically get full email and phone support as an added value.

What’s the difference between the FREE license and the PREMIUM one?

The Premium license is suitable for companies of more than 10 employees. The price already includes ClamAV antivirus, and you can subscribe for addition AV options as well. Furthermore, it includes and antivirus fail-over mechanism, that guarantees continuous control of emails, in case of a crash or obsoleteness of one of the AV engines. The Premium license automatically forwards you to the “golden customers” group with priority phone and email support. You will also receive a customer account on our site, with full management of your licences, invoices and orders.

How many instances of CPatrol can I run in my company?

Base license of the product CPatrol consist of three instances (one primary system, one  for back up, one for testing purpose) running simultaneously. It means system can be installed three times, all three instances  can work simultaneously but it is possible to use only  one instance for production purpose. Testing license is used only for internal testing purposes.
Instance mean one installation of the running system. 

How is CPatrol licensed?

CPatrol PREMIUM is licensed per user. All the options which you decided to include in your subscription are part of the licence, so any change in the services provided affect your whole licence.

Can I change the CPatrol licence size during the subscription?

You can upgrade the size of your subscription at any time. If you decide to purchase additional options during a running subscription, you will need to subscribe for a new licence for a minimum of 1 year period. You will of course, be credited the remaining price of your old subscription in the purchase of your new subscription. If you had to make some cutting regarding personal resources, you can even decide for a downgrade of your subscription. Due to technical reasons however, this is only possible at the end of your current subscription.

What if I want to buy a new mail server or upgrade the current one? Do I need to reinstall?

No, CPatrol runs independently from the mail server. All you will need to do is a simple reconfiguration for the mail traffic. If you are running the virtual appliance version, all you need to do is to copy the CPatrol’s files to the new machine.

What happens if I want to subscribe for an additional AV option?

If you decide to purchase additional options during a running subscription, you will need to subscribe for a new licence for a minimum of 1 year period. You will of course, be credited the remaining price of your old subscription in the purchase of your new subscription.

Where can I get CPatrol?

You can either buy from our e-shop, or you can contact one of our partners who can deliver CPatrol to you and also provide you additional value services. This is in your interest as to provide a reseller who can provide you certified technical support in case if necessary. If you are not satisfied with the quality of technical support provided by the partner, let us know.


Is CPatrol a proven product?

For over 5 years, CPatrol has been protecting our clients from various areas of business. Our customers range from legal agencies through industrial companies to medical institutions and many more.

What does CPatrol offer that the competition doesn’t have?

• The level of CPatrol’s SMTP management functionality is unparallel when comparing to the competition. Instead of simple security rules posing as complex protection, we provide total control over the decision logic for the email workflow!
• We provide a broad range of world class antivirus options (such as: Kaspersky, F-secure, Eset), which can take care of your antivirus, adware, spyware and malware protection. What is unique to our CPatrol is that you can use multiple AV engines simultaneously. You don’t have to rely on the vulnerabilities of a single system ever again!
• With our CPatrol, you can benefit from the use of an Antispam engine offering a level of protection, that usually large traffic ISPs require. And that without any additional cost.
• CPatrol is a solution, which brings large enterprise functionality to your doorstep.

What do I need to have CPatrol running in our company?

You need to be running a mail server for your corporate mail. You need to deploy CPatrol on one of your servers, either via native installation or you can use our pre-prepared VMware or Hyper-V image.

Do I need to install anything on the desktop computers?

No, CPatrol is a mail gateway scanner which runs on the server. The end user doesn’t have to see anything.

Which OS does CPatrol run on?

CPatrol runs natively on GNU/Linux. We support a broad range of commercial Linux distributions.

Does that mean I can’t run CPatrol on my Windows server?

You can use our pre-prepared virtual appliance images. We have images ready for deployment under Microsoft Hyper-V environment or VMware environment.

Are there any differences in deployment under various platforms?

Microsoft Exchange server is a bit specific in this regard. Due to the characteristic of this technology, CPatrol is not able to process emails that are running internally in the company.

Do I need to install Linux on my server?

No, you can use one of our pre-prepared VMware or Hyper-V images. Their installation is as simple as „plug-and-play“.

How long does the installation take?

Approx. 30 minutes, including configuration for relaying all emails to CPatrol.

How long does the configuration take?

This strongly depends on the complexity of the security policy you want to implement. A simple use of antivirus and antispam functionality takes a lot less time than a complex security policy setup for various departments.

Is there any pre-defined security policy?

Due to the complexity of the specific security policy for each client, we do not have a simple default policy prepared. We do however have pre-prepared policy block, which may help you reduce policy setup to just minutes.

Does the AV option we subscribed do protect the computers of our users?

No, CPatrol is a solution deployed purely on the server, and even though we do offer a broad range of solutions for antivirus protection, you will still need to use a solution for desktop security.

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