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Live Demo

If You like to try LIVE DEMO, just download CPatrol Client Instalation Package

  • Free edition client, version 2.0.9 should be used to connect to the demo server. Client need for standard comunication with CPatrol server open port 7666 on your firewall. Please check this if you have problem with connection.
Connetion info>   Server: cpdemo.cpatrol.com    User: demo    Password: demo
  • The Live Demo Server is fully configured with CPatrol for SMTP - Free edition with actual version.
  • In the Live Demo Server  is one preconfigured demo user. The 'demo' user is allowed to explore and edit all aspects of the configuration  with the exception that it is not possible to upload a changed configuration to the server.
  • The scope of this demo includes only processing incoming mails, no mails will be sent out of the demo server (not even notification).