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What is CPatrol?

  • CPatrol for SMTP is a server based SMTP e-mail content scanner and analyzer, threats detector and anti-virus solution that removes all types of e-mail-borne threats before they are capable of affecting your users and thus causing damage on your corporate network.
  • CPatrol for SMTP is a software system that serves as an e-mail filtering gateway capable of platform independent deployment. It enables you to define various e-mail policies for your company, according to which all e-mail communication will be processed. According to these policies, all e-mail messages can be monitored, filtered, modified, archived and much more...
  • We have taken careful consideration in the design of CPatrol, with highest regards taken to level of management provided, level of security provided and the performance and resource consumption of the whole system. CPatrol for SMTP is programmed in C++ and as such, it has very low system resource requirements. 
  • The system is provided in form of a preconfigured virtual appliance in order to minimize the necessary installation of a server system and allow for a high level of flexibility. Virtual appliances are definitely a growing trend nowadays and we are aware of the benefits this technology can provide.
  • The level of antivirus protection is expandable by subscribing for 3 optional commercial antivirus solutions, that we managed to integrate deep into our product. Additional protection can be provided by using the open-source antivirus ClamAV, that is popular among those, who favour open-source solutions.
  • Our fail-over mechanism active in multi AV licenses allows an antivirus to  take place of a different antivirus, in case issues appear and that automatically. 

  • Base license of the product CPatrol consist of three instances (one primary system, one  for back up, one for testing purpose) running simultaneously. It means system can be installed three times, all three instances  can work simultaneously but it is possible to use only  one instance for production purpose. Testing license is used only for internal testing purposes. Instance mean one installation of the running system.

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