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CPatrol Partner program overview

In today's world, many companies offer so-called partnership programs from which only they benefit. We, on the other hand, offer you a program, that is focused on you as the partner in the first place

Key benefits of our partnership program are:

  • Great partner discounts - upto 40% and even beyond as you sell more complex solutions
  • Partner loyalty - we keep the client in the sales channel
  • Partner approach that helps you get as close to the customers’ needs as possible
  • Effective overview and management of deployed customers
  • Space left open for additional services provided to the customers thereby generating additional revenue streams.
  • Tools for increasing the awareness of IT security
  • Dedicated channel management staff to help you with pre-sales and sales activities
  • Dedicated technical support staff to help you resolve potential issues
  • Easy sales and tech support trainings free of charge
  • Simple and clear rules to help avoid cross-chanel conflicts
  • NFR licence for your company use

Our partnership program is aimed at companies which specialize in sale and delivery of value added services in IT sphere. The customers who benefit from this program range from micro-customers to large enterprises, all of which take the protection of their sensitive data seriously.

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