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Main Features

Email content analysis and management system, multiple antivirus engines available with possibility of running multiple engines simultaneously, antispam protection


CPatrol for SMTP is a mail content scanner, analysis and management application, which also offers heterogeneous antivirus protection and a powerful antispam filter. It is deployed as an SMTP gateway, whereas it collects all the mail, processes it depending on the preconfigured security policy and if the mail passes, it forwards it to the mail server for delivery. It is capable of processing incoming, outgoing and internal email with extremely low resource requirements.

CPatrol Server

Deployable as a virtual appliance running under VMware or Hyper-V environment. The minimum hardware requirements are therefore the minimum requirements are equal to the latest VMware player or Hyper-V running Windows 2008 server environment.

CPatrol Client

A 32-bit Windows application. For deployment under GNU/Linux, it is possible to use WINE application
Virtual appliance parameters  
RAM 512 MB
OS Debian Linux based distribution
Partition type Ext3
Pre-installed apps CPatrol for SMTP server,
CPatrol Antispam core,
PostgreSQL database server,
Webmin administration interface for Linux,
iptables firewall,
lynx web editor,
iftop traffic monitor,
htop process monitor
Apps included in the server CPatrol for SMTP client, CPatrol for MS Exchange plugin
Antivirus options Eset AV
Kaspersky AV
F-Prot AV

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